Memorial Day 2019: Family Remembrance

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Korean War Family Remembrance

The following remembrance was submitted to the Korean War Project in memory of my uncle, Joseph Norbert Allen

Uncle Joe

            Although we never met, you are remembered.

            Your brother Buddy (Herbert S. Allen, Jr. [1927-1986]) named me after you. He didn’t share personal memories, but he kept you in his heart. Your mom, my Nana (Mary G. [Matoza] Allen [d. 1971]), kept your pictures and your purple heart. They were passed to my dad and were kept by my mom, Anne J. [Uzdavinis] Allen (1929-2008) and then given to me.

Since my son and grandson carry the baptismal name, Joseph, your memory in the Allen family is guaranteed for two more generations.

            You are remembered in my daily prayers. I pray that the peace and love of Jesus Christ comforts your eternal soul.

Your nephew,

Joseph Norbert Allen


I deeply appreciate the remembrance posted by Patrick J. Shaughnessy. The information about Uncle Joe’s death in Korea explains the purple heart that was awarded posthumously. The only other information I have about his death is the general combat accounts in East of Chosin: Entrapment and Breakout in Korea, 1950 by Roy Appleman and the 7th Infantry Division Records posted at the Korean War Project website.

Let us never take for granted the sacrifices of men and women in the armed services. They are America’s martyrs for freedom.

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