2020: The Year of the Reckoning

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It’s been almost 5 months since my last post. But this is a new year and I intend to be more active at the keyboard. This is The Year of the Reckoning. (I’ll start with a post that captures the spirit of last year’s chaos in the language that echoes the ignorance of the masses)


Election 2020 is destined to be the worst in U.S. history. Neither party is capable of presenting real leaders since both parties are devoid of responsible adults. Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” has simply driven the most responsible legislators out of Washington and elevated the wild animals of the political swamp to celebrity status. They have joined forces with the ringmaster in the oval office to produce the Ugliest Show on Earth.


Pick a continent (a challenge for the Geo-ignorant masses [Google it]). Let’s start with


North Korea: Kim Jong Un continues to flip his middle finger at Donald Trump and Trump thinks it’s a handshake offer. The North Koreans will continue to develop weapon systems in order to establish regional intimidation. There is no executive order or congressional resolution that will produce serious dialogue with this dictator.

China: Xi Jinping is commissar for life (Mao Tse Tung would be so proud). The infiltration of Chinese politics into higher education in the U.S. (creating fellow travelers in the U.S. for Xi Jinping) through the Chinese Institutes was effectively shut down at a number of colleges last year. I’m sure Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were heartbroken. Maybe they’ll contact Dennis Rodman, get a warm welcome from Kim Jong Un, and then campaign in North Korea. Kim Jong Un can introduce them to Xi Jinping. Can you feel the global warmth?

Iran: Speaking of warm, how ‘bout Iran building more centrifuges for “domestic”, not military use? If they’re looking for media coverage of their version of Chernobyl, I’m confident CNN, CBS, and NBC will accommodate them.

Europe and Asia

Russia: What can we say about Vladimir Putin? Great camera presence, a smile reminiscent of his admirer, Donald Trump, and, like Xi Jinping, hoping for a lifetime reign as president of Russia. Unquestionable state leadership among party loyalists, but not terribly well-loved among the general electorate. No wonder Donald Trump admires him.


United Kingdom: Brexit, the British revolt against the European Union. Led by Boris Johnson, they might actually succeed in 2020. Then they can chalk up a victory for independence. Guess they were inspired by those colonies that broke away in 1776.

The Vatican: Pope Francis, my supreme pontiff, has offered the liberals of the Catholic Church a sign of hope. Since he is not afraid of schism, does he intend to loose on earth things that will deny entry into heaven? Will the division between liberal and conservative Catholics lead to an old fashioned Crusade within the church. If ever there was a time of reckoning in my church, 2020 is it.

Back to U.S. Politics

Nancy Pelosi: Democrats and Republican are confused. Nancy agreed to let the House pursue impeachment, but refused to forward the papers to the Senate for the trial. What is Ms. Pelosi up to? Is she planning on holding the impeachment papers until after the election? Is she gambling on 2020 election results that will give her party control of the House and the Senate. If that’s her play, she must figure Trump will be reelected. If Democrats control both chambers, Trump will be lame-duck for four years (even executive orders will not bail him out of irrelevance). Or else he’ll be impeached.

Election 2020  Republicans and Democrats: Both parties are filled with special interest groups that have no sense of common purpose. To represent the citizens of their states and NOT function as responsible legislators is an American tragedy. The division in the parties between extremist groups makes it clear that neither party is focused on providing leadership at any political level (federal, state, or local). As a result, my write-in reply for election 2020 will be None Above (that wonderful multiple choice test option that makes it clear the correct answer is not listed in the answer options). Politically, 2020 is the Year of None Above. (I may start an on-line campaign for this election option. Both parties need to realize that they are dysfunctional. The only way to get the message across is if extremist votes are isolated on ballot returns.)

OK, that’s out of my system. I was curious to see if I could write something at the level of today’s reporters and opinion bloggists. My next post will be back to the boring analysis of problems and recommending solutions as I’ve tried to do in the past. There will also be updates on my retirement activities in mathematics.

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