Advent: Preparing for the Birth of Jesus

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            This year we all need Christmas.

            I won’t go through the shopping list of reasons why we need Christmas. Unfortunately everyone who agrees with the need for Christmas indulged in a massive shopping orgy on Black Friday (a 9.1 billion dollar orgy as reported on CNBC today, Cyber-Monday) In fact the CNBC estimate for Cyber-Monday spending is $11.1 billion. Sadly, a number of Catholic organizations flooded my email with Cyber-Monday specials.

            The real Christmas we need is a celebration of life. We need to focus on the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

            Instead typing of a lot of my words, I’ll let you listen to Father Eric Cadin and Monet Souza. Father Cadin is the Director of College Campus Ministry and Assistant Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Boston. He is regularly scheduled as a celebrant for Mass on CatholicTV.

Monet Souza is a producer at CatholicTV, serves as a lector and is the founder of A Message of Hope. This video, which I highly recommend, is from her YouTube site.

Learning to Trust

            Pray for “Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men”

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