Why I Cannot Vote for Joe Biden

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He’s a career politician whose political ideology is based on pandering, not governing. True to the Democratic party’s platform, Joe Biden has identified every social group that the party classifies as “oppressed” and/or “neglected”. If you think I’m exaggerating, examine the details of Joe’s Vision. As I’m typing this (10/18/2020), there are currently 51 links to promises offered by the benevolent politician. Here is a sample

The Biden Agenda for Women
The Biden Plan for Full Participation and Equality for People with Disabilities
The Biden Plan for Black America
The Biden Plan for Immigration
The Biden Plan for LGBTQ+ Equality
Joe Biden’s Agenda for the Catholic Community

Of course, there are many other groups included in Mr. Biden’s social reparations program. For instance, he includes Veterans, Military Families, Tribal Nations and the Indian American Community (separate links), the Jewish Community, the Muslim-American Communities, the Latino Community, the Asian American & Pacific Islander Community, and the Arab-American Community.

The fact that Joe Biden is of English, Irish, and French descent means he is a member of the oppressors, not the oppressed. And he’s also a Catholic. Well, not really. The dogma is dead in him; he supports abortion, transgender sexuality, and same-sex marriage. But since he is prepared to provide federal funds and targeted legislation for the wide range of economically and socially repressed groups (not just in the united States but around the world), he is truly the “great white hope”.

Ultimately, Mr. Biden has promised to implement every plank of the Democrat’s platform. A not-so-quick comparison of Joe’s Promises to the Democratic Party 2020 Platform will make it clear: Joe Biden is the ultimate Party Man.

The fact that Joe Biden has embraced, and endorsed, his Party’s social engineering platform should make it clear: he is not fit to be the president a free republic which is built by citizens who value personal strength and independent initiative. The ideal may not be realized, but it is this country’s foundation. Creating a government that undermines this foundation by creating unlimited dependence on federal funding to restructure the republic as a socialist government is un-American. In fact, the extreme measures listed in the Democratic Platform would, in a different time, require labeling the Party as an Enemy of the State. (Be thankful Joe McCarthy is a historical footnote).

Under no circumstances would I vote for Joe Biden. I strongly recommend that every loyal American reject Mr. Biden and his Party.

Of course, as always, in the words of Edward R. Murrow, “Good night and good luck.”

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