Senator Ben Sasse: The Voice of Leadership

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            On January 3, 2023, Senator Ben Sasse gave his farewell address to the Senate. As he moves to his next leadership challenge, President of the University of Florida, it behooves all of us to reflect on his view of America. He clearly stated our strengths and weaknesses, but he did not despair of the weaknesses. I encourage you to set aside approximately 30 minutes to listen to his address. Then take time to reflect on his message as transcribed in the Congressional Record: FAREWELL TO THE SENATE; Congressional Record Vol. 169, No. 1 | PDF (253KB).

Senator Ben Sasse Farewell Speech |

For those who may not be familiar with my views on Ben Sasse, see My 2020 Vote: A Vote for America’s Future

            As always, “Good night and good luck.” (Edward R. Murrow)

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